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4 Reasons to Hire an Atascocita Roofer

Have you looked into your attic recently? Unless youstorethings up there and access them often it may have been a while since you were up there. Atascocita Roofing Companies know very well that poor attic ventilation can produce expensive remodel and roof repair costs. Trapped heat and moisture are the two most prevalent problems that occur from poor roofing ventilation and will often cause the following problems:

Damaged Decking
Rafters can begin to warp and sag, and the roof decking adhesives can deteriorate when there is too much moisture in your attic that cannot escape. This can be a very dangerous situation for multiple reasons and should be looked at by an Atascocita roofing contractor ASAP.

Damaged Roofing System
As we previously discussed, an excessive amount of much moisture in the roof decking can also shorten the life of the roofing underlayment and shingles. Cracking, buckling, and premature granular loss point towards a roofing ventilation problem that your Atascocita Roofing Service can repair.

Interior Staining
A warm, moist environment produces a perfect habitat for mold and mildew growth that can destroy your belongings that are stored in the attic, as well as health and safety concerns. An Atascocita roofing veteran knows that poor attic ventilation can produce stains and mold growth on the ceilings and walls when there is trapped heat and moisture in an attic.

A similar example is how frost forms on the windows of a car on a cold day from the warmth of your breath until the air begins to circulate and escape from inside the cabin. As temperatures rise and fall during the day in the winter frost that has accumulated in the attic will melt and drip on top of the insulation and ceiling, which will eventually destroy the insulating properties and cause staining and instability.

If you've found any of these warning signs in your home and would like a professional Atascocita Roofer to inspect it, call us today to schedule an inspection!

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January 4, 2019
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