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Schedule an End of The Year Inspection With a Local Roofing Contractor

Many property owners know the value of having a dependable roof, but many seem to forget about it until a problem comes up and they have to call a Kingwood Roofer. Here is the scoop... small problems are only going to worsen over time and ultimately result in things like an entire roof replacement, foundation, and even structural damage when neglected for too long. Requesting an annual full review of your roofing system is the most solid way to defend your home from additional damages.

Spiraling Damage

Damage commonly starts out small from everyday wear and tear from the weather, and progressively gets worse each season which is why you want to make sure that your roof is on your seasonal maintenance list to at least observe on your own for anything our of the ordinary. Binoculars are a great tool if you do not have the experience and proper equipment to get up onto your roof, but remember that professional Kingwood roofing companies know exactly what to look for and will have a much better viewpoint.

Just one missing or busted shingle can end up causing an entire segment of your roof needing to be replaced by a Kingwood roofing specialist!!

Here some of the things that can begin the downward spiral for a roofing system.

  • Cracks and openings that will allow moisture through
  • Busted pipe vents or boots
  • Shingle decomposition and rot, fractures, curling, warping, etc.
  • Absent shingles
  • Destroyed and/or absent flashing
  • Defective or removed chimney caps

We have extensive knowledge of how the rain, wind, and extreme weather affects both residential and commercial roofing systems. This does not happen overnight and only comes with years of dedication and experience in the industry. As a premier Kingwood roofing company, we install the most fitting roofing materials to endure the changing weather conditions of southeast Texas and we are licensed, insured, and certified by GAF Roofing so you can have peace of mind knowing that we will make your home safer than it was before.


Do not endanger the safety of your home by using a novice or uninsured handyman who could leave you bigger problems than before such as shoddy workmanship and a materials warranty that is void. Check out our Facebook page for more helpful home improvement tips and tricks.

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December 20, 2019
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