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Was Your Roof hit by Hail? Better Call a Humble Roofer!!

Don't panic if your house was hammered by hail this past summer and you still haven't had an inspection by a professional Humble Roofer. Most insurance companies provide you up to a year to record a claim. Nevertheless, waiting until the last moment is never a great idea as your roof performs a necessary role in protecting the rest of your home and family.

Why Do You Need a Roofing Inspection?

Humble Roofing Companies know that hail damage can alter your property in several ways. When hail strikes roof shingles it often creates soft spots or bruising that you may not be able to see from the ground. Hail impacts will also tend to release the dense granules the top part of the shingle is composed of. In some incidents, hail will produce enough damage to penetrate into the shingles felt matting exposing the inner fibers. Throughout time hail damage can produce roof leaks and expensive repairs which are issues that could have been simply prevented with a roofing inspection.

What if You Miss the 12 MonthWindow?

It honestly depends on your insurance company, but in many instances, old hail damage could be beyond the underwriters' limits of compliance to cover the damage.

The longer your roof goeswithout an inspection by a Humble Roofing Contractor, the more vulnerable it becomes to the deterioration produced by pounding hail and mighty winds. If interior damage results and the property owner never had their storm damaged roof examined and/or repaired, the insurance company could hold themresponsible. It doesn't seem right, but many property insurance policies state that the owner must take precautions and make renovations to prevent further damages. Timing is important after a major hail storm and it's important to have your home and roof inspected ASAP.

If you can't remember your last roofing inspection don't delay another day! You've got nothing to lose,

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November 29, 2018
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