Marco Skylights
All skylights have an inner frame of .078" 6063-T5 extruded aluminum and an outer frame of .062" 6063-T5 extruded aluminum. All outer frames are secured with screws and are easily removable for replacement, substitution, or addition of domes. All inner frames have an integral condensation gutter with weep-holes on all corners to carry condensation to the outside. Corners are mitered and are completely heliarc welded.

Acrylic Information
Choose clear if you want maximum light transmission and visibility, and heat gain & light diffusion are not of prime importance. Standard white translucent provides excellent light transmission and diffusion. Neutral bronze provides control of glare & solar heat without sacrificing visibility.

Double domes are especially recommended for thermal insulation and energy conservation.

Fall Protection Skylights
Please ask about our fall protection skylights. They meet OSHA Fall Protection Regulations and are available for all types of skylights.

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